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donderdag 7 nov 2013
Bron:  La Libre / The Canadian Press

Libano-Canadien Hassan Diab"Ottawa professor Hassan Diab challenges extradition order" - The Canadian Press

TORONTO -- The fate of an Ottawa professor facing extradition to France over suspicions he was involved in a synagogue bombing there hinges on a "wholly unreliable" analysis of five words, Ontario's highest court heard Monday.

French authorities suspect Hassan Diab, 59, was involved in the anti-Semitic bombing of a Paris synagogue in 1980 that killed four people and injured dozens of others. Diab denies any role in the deadly attack, saying the unwavering moral principle throughout his life has been to promote equality and respect for all.

Lawyers for Diab challenged the decision to extradite him Monday in the Court of Appeal for Ontario, arguing before the panel of three judges that fundamental mistakes were made. ...


dinsdag 29 okt 2013
Bron:  i24news - foto: Emmanuel Halperin [Wikipedia]

Emmanuel Halperin [Wikipedia]"LES TROIS GUERRES D'ISRAEL" - Emmanuel Halperin - i24 - Publié 26 Octobre 2013

On négocie. Peut être même fait on quelques progrès. Mais les Palestiniens s'obstinent à ne pas reconnaître la légitimité de l'Etat d'Israël. Pour rien au monde nous ne le ferons, claironnent les chefs de l'OLP aussi bien que ceux du Hamas, qui eux ne négocient pas. Certains "réalistes"estiment qu'il ne faut pas se laisser obnubiler par cette attitude de principe, qu'il suffit de s'entendre "sur le terrain", sur le trace des frontières et les garanties de securite.Ils ont tort. Car il s'agit, depuis toujours, de l'essence même du conflit. Tant que cette question ne sera pas réglée, rien ne le sera. ...

maandag 28 okt 2013
Bron:  i24news / JPost - foto: screenshot Skynews

screenshot Sky News - na de aanval in SydneyFive wounded in anti-Semitic attack in Sydney

Australian police have arrested 3 people beating up a group of Jews coming back from the synagogue

The Australian police have charged three people over an alleged anti-Semitic attack in Sydney's eastern suburbs on Saturday.

Four men and a woman were walking home from the synagogue in the suburb of Bondi when a group of about eight young men began yelling anti-Semitic insults at them. Police said the confrontation soon turned into a physical fight. ...

vrijdag 25 okt 2013
Bron:  De Morgen / La Libre - foto: Palestijns president Mahmoed Abbas en Belgisch premier Elio Di Rupo [photo news]
Eerste minister Elio Di Rupo heeft de Palestijnse president Mahmoed Abbas verzekerd dat de Israëlische kolonisatie op Palestijns gebied "illegaal en in strijd met het internationaal recht" is. Abbas had in de vooravond een gesprek met de premier in Brussel.

De woordvoerder van Di Rupo gaf na afloop van het gesprek toelichting. "België steunt de oprichting van een onafhankelijke, democratische Palestijnse staat, die in vrede en veiligheid kan bestaan", zei hij. De premier maakte de Palestijnse president duidelijk dat ons land de hervatting van de gesprekken met Israël ondersteunt. ...

dinsdag 22 okt 2013
Bron:  Jewish Press - op de foto: de anti-Israël advertentie "Disappearing Palestine"

"Disappearing Palestine" is de naam van de anti-Israël advertentie campagne"Toronto Transit Rejects Anti-Israel Ads" - Jewish Press - By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus

With transportation systems serving as a new front in the anti-Israel propaganda wars, Toronto Transit rejected an ad because it is "inaccurate and misleading."

"Disappearing Palestine" is the name of an ad campaign in Vancouver. Toronto rejected the ad as misleading.

It happened in New York City and Washington, D.C.  It happened in Denver and in Los Angeles. Transit agencies accepted virulently anti-Israel and misleading ads for billboards and posters.  In a few places, and only after great expense and perseverance, some of those billboards were removed, or at least countered. ...

maandag 21 okt 2013

Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the Europan Commission and Commissioner in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship will be in Israel on Monday for a two-day 'Mission for Growth'Europese Commissie vicevoorzitter Tajani brengt 65 EU bedrijven en organisaties naar Israël om de EU-Israël relaties te versterken

BRUSSELS (EJP)---European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani will bring Monday 65 industry associations and companies representatives from 17 EU member states to Israel in order to strengthen already flourishing business relations between the EU and Israel and exploring further opportunities for cooperation between European and Israeli SMEs.

Tajani's two-day visit to Israel, titled "Mission for Growth,'' reflects the EU's belief that there remains untapped potential for new synergies in bilateral relations.

The mission, which follows similar visits by the Commissioner to Russia and China, targets numerous industry sectors, such as space technologies, information and communication technology and tourism. Innovative and environmental technologies will also be key topics on the agenda. ...


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